10 Awkward Family Photos That Will Make You Cringe


We’ve all taken a bad photo from time to time. Whether it’s a bad hair day, a surprise stain on the blouse, an unflattering angel, or even the rare photo bomber that seems to be there at just the wrong moment, we’ve all cringed at common photo mishaps. Typically when these photo mistakes occur, we trash the picture or delete it altogether. For these families, though, they not only kept the questionable picture, they shared it! Here are 10 awkward family photos that’ll definitely make you cringe.

10. They Put The Fun In Funeral

Image Source: doyouremember.com

This first family photo seems harmless enough. Wine in hand and smiles on their faces, this friendly group could’ve been doing anything in this photo. Were they sharing gossip around the table? Discussing the latest politics? No and no. This family spent their evening getting together over the corpse of a loved one. The cringe comes from their need to document their Friday night funeral fun in a staged photo. And what’s with their smiles? This photo just feels creepy.

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