Celebrities That Spent The Most On Plastic Surgery


The media industry is ruthless when it comes to trolling people for their looks. Many celebrities then decide to go under the knife to achieve that 10/10 look. Earlier the A-Listers used to cover it by saying “just photoshopped” but now with so many before and after accounts on Instagram they don’t have any choice but to acknowledge it. While some stars keep it simple with a nose job or a lip filler, others often go overboard with the whole treatment and keep changing their appearance (literally). If you don’t believe us, see for yourself.

10. Khloe Kardashian

Image Source: Pinterest.com

While the whole Kardashian clan is famous for their plastic surgeries recently it’s Khloe who is snatching all the limelight. Khloe even made a joke about how she used to work as an assistant “five faces ago”. This statement is enough to tell she has spent an incredible amount on achieving her new look every few months. A cosmetologist analyzed all the treatments which she has got done on herself and the final amount added up to be a whopping Є25,000.

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