Celebrity Doppelgangers You Can’t Tell Apart


Ever mixed up two celebrities on screen for their uncanny resemblance? Hollywood doesn’t just produce great movies and actors; they also produce doppelgangers. You will have a run for your money to be able to tell some of them apart as they look so much alike. You’re not the only one who’s confused, the relatives and friends of these actors and actresses also have a hard time telling them apart. Who are these famous Hollywood doppelgangers? Let’s find out!

10. Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder

Image Source: Pinterest.com

For a significant amount of time, the internet actually believed that Rob Lowe is Somerhalder’s brother! And I don’t blame them at all. The Vampire Diaries star, Ian, looks much like the younger Rob Lowe. Lowe’s youth days’ pictures are eerily similar to Somerhalder’s. The actors themselves are pretty aware of their identical looks, as Ian Somerhalder reveals an incident where Rob went to Somerhalder’s wife and said “This is what you’re going to be looking at in 15 years.” Well, honestly, we are guessing Nikki Reed is more than happy to know that!

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