10 Fox News Prettiest Anchors Of All Time, Ranked


For the longest time, Fox News has been an industry heavyweight for breaking news, in-depth analysis, and intriguing conversations. Besides the news aspect, this media giant has made a name for itself in something completely unrelated to news coverage. Over the years, observant netizens have noticed that other than having brilliant news anchors, Fox News boasts of having some of the prettiest presenters in the business. To put this theory to the test, we decided to rank 10 of the prettiest Fox News presenters of all time. 

10. Courtney Friel

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Courtney Friel took the journalism world by storm back in 2007 when she joined Fox News as a 26-year-old ambitious young lady. Courtney still holds the record as the youngest on-air talent in the history of Fox News. While some people know how to handle instant fame and fortune, others like Courtney, struggle to soak up the pressure. Courtney is a recovered drug addict whose memoir, Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News, was released early this year. The fact that she managed to recover and still maintain her killer looks earns her a place on our list. 

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