10 Times Actors Completely Transformed Their Bodies For Roles


Whether it’s for an Oscar, to encourage their fans, or to show the beautiful and ugly side of weight, actors go through drastic transformations for their roles. From Tom Hanks in Castaway to Natalie Portman in Black Swan, they all learned the hard way that an Academy Award is not easy to get. Here are the top 10 complete transformations of actors for their roles.

10. Christian Bale – ‘The Machinist’ 

Image Source: themoviegrind.com

Christian Bale must’ve wanted an Oscar so bad that he put his body through a drastic transformation for his role in The Machinist. Although the movie itself is no great shakes, the change that his body went through in four months before production is. The actor was on a 200 daily calorie diet and lost so much weight for the insomniac operator who hasn’t slept for months role that doctors had to keep an eye on him the entire time. 

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