10 Unbelievable Photos Taken At The Airport


There are very few people who enjoy traveling, while the majority would prefer to avoid traveling all together. The excruciatingly long flights, never ending slow lines, delayed flights, and jet-lag, can really make airport experiences unpleasant. However, sometimes occurrences happen every now and then, that makes you do a double take and make you double over with laughter.

So passengers, buckle-up. Get ready for a trip around the world of hilarious occurrences sighted at the airport.

10. No fear

Image Source: Pinterest.com

With all due respect, he better not be the captain of the plane we are flying in. Here is a pilot making his way to his plane, which he will be expected to fly. He is so confident that apparently, he does not even need to see to function as a pilot. Now that is some serious self-confidence. Judging from the subtle smile on his face, we are sure it’s a prank, so passengers need not worry.

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