10 Worst Foods For Diabetics That Most People Ignore


As of 2015, more than 9% of the American population had diabetes. Another interesting fact is that almost half of the people who had diabetes actually didn’t know they had the disease in the first place. For those who don’t know what diabetes is, diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s reaction to insulin. With the number of people with diabetes set to increase, more and more people are adopting a healthy approach to life. However, not every so-called healthy food is actually good for you. Today, we highlight 10 of the worst foods for diabetes that most people ignore. 

1. Dried Fruits Are Not As Safe As Fresh Fruits

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Fruits are a healthy addition to a person’s diet, more so if the person has diabetes. While a patient can eat most fruits, the common misconception about fruits is that dried fruits are actually the better alternative for diabetes patients. What most people don’t understand is that dried fruits are the concentrated versions of fresh fruits. To clarify further, nutritionists Rupali Datta explains that in dried fruits, sugar levels are double the amount in fresh fruits. Since dried fruits seem smaller, people tend to eat more of them, leading to an increased sugar uptake, which can be detrimental to diabetes patients.

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