13 Style Secrets That Will Make Your Friends Jealous


If you ask any fashion insider, the most important thing that they will tell you is this: the magic lies in the details. It doesn’t matter if your dress costs more than your mortgage – what’s important is the fit and if the color suits your skin. They’ll tell you that beauty goes beyond makeup – it’s skin deep, literally. And above all, they’ll tell you that looking good starts with feeling good.

Here are 13 style secrets for you to try out that will have you looking splendid in seconds.

13. Dampen your sponges before applying makeup

Image: progressinhealth.com

Image: progressinhealth.com

Here’s a handy tool for those who have trouble blending their concealers and foundation creams: work with damp sponges. The low moisture allows for the cream to melt easily, giving you a more uniform coverage, without creating runny makeup. Before applying your cream, give your makeup sponges a couple of dips into lukewarm water, squeeze dry and then apply your makeup as you normally would. No more patchy-makeup days!

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