13 Weird Everyday Things From Other Countries


It’s no secret that many travelers have come to the good old US of A, and left rather confused by a number of our customs and traditions. From the way we pay our taxes to the sheer amount of drive throughs located up and down the country (apparently this has been voted one of the most noticeable things about American culture!) and many more. But it works both ways too. How many times have you packed your bags and gone abroad only to scratch your head in disbelief at some of the traditions in other countries? Let’s take a look at 13 Weird Everyday Things From Other Countries that are perfectly normal abroad but completely baffling to us…

13. There’s no tooth fairy in Greece

Image source: www.cbc.ca

Image source: www.cbc.ca

Nope, no tooth fairy and therefore no money under the pillow. Instead, children are encouraged to toss their tooth onto the roof in exchange for a lifetime of strong teeth and good health. We’d take that over a nickel under our pillow any day!

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