15 Unbelievable Heroic Animal Stories


According to the National Pet Owners Study more and more Americans are spending time with their animal companions than ever before. Pet owners listed love, company, and affection as the main benefits of owning a pet. But the benefits don’t stop there! Numerous animal breeds and species have also been known to save their human companions from certain death. These animals have risked life and limb to protect their humans, some of which have even been strangers. Here are 15 of the most unbelievable heroic animal stories to be recorded throughout the world.

15. Sako Saves The Day

Image Source: dogsnet.com

King Shepherds are one of the most intelligent breeds a dog owner can buy. The largest of the Shepherd breeds, King Shepherds have also been known to be heroic creatures. During a road trip through the wilderness of Canada, a King Shepherd pup named Sako saved the last remaining survivor of his human family after the Phillips-Garcia family had a car accident. The family’s car crashed and rolled down a dangerous hill, flinging Sako and the Phillips-Garcia family from it. Only the 16 year old, Joseph, survived with the help of the heroic Sako. The King Shepherd kept watch over the seriously injured teenager for 40 hours, providing both warmth and protection during the cold Canadian nights.

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