20 Hollywood Actors That Have Been Blacklisted


Hollywood is rife with big egos and bigger personalities. While this can’t be said of every actor in the industry, many Hollywood thespians have made major mistakes in their personal lives. Some have acted poorly enough to be canceled by social media, fans, and casting agencies. In fact, bad behavior and general blunders have cost many Hollywood actors to lose upcoming roles, sponsorships, and multi million dollar marketing deals. And while it’s always a shame when likable actors are recast in popular film franchises, it’s worse when it’s due to their own bad behavior off set. Here are 20 Hollywood actors that’ve been blacklisted.

20. Mel Gibson

Image Source: pinterest.com

While Mel Gibson is a household name now, the actor’s career took a huge dive when Gibson was charged with drunk driving in 2006. Gibson started acting in the 1970s with theater productions in Sydney and then Ontario. After mild success on the stage, he starred in hits “Lethal Weapon” and “Braveheart”.  Although Gibson admits his drinking problem started at the ripe age of 13, he didn’t see any legal trouble until 1984. Supposedly Gibson was banned from driving in Canada due to a traffic incident while Gibson was under the influence. More recently, Gibson was arrested in Los Angeles for a DUI and ended up making anti-Semitic statements. The publicity of both major mistakes would leave the actor blacklisted for decades.

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