Biggest Cheaters In Sport And How They Did It


In any game of sport, there are rules and regulations that have to be followed by all players and participants. These rules are what make the game fair. Many sporting games are extremely competitive, and players will go to whatever lengths necessary to come out victorious in the end. Some players have even gone as far as cheating to get their win in sporting fixtures and tournaments. Here are a few players and athletes who didn’t always play the game by the rules.

Dirty Driving

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Just when you think you’ve won, everything can all go wrong.  At the 2010 Sprint Cup Championship, Clint Bowyer and his team came out victorious, but their celebrations didn’t last very long. After an inspection was done on Bowyer’s winning vehicle, it turns out the car did not align with NASCAR’s strict regulations for all cars competing on the track. The failed inspection cost him and his team 150 points. The deduction took Bowyer to the 12th position.  Denny Hamlin took the win of the Sprint Cup Championship.

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