Terrifying History Photos You Won’t Believe Are Real


The way different people perceive certain situations is usually subjective. What one person sees as horrific, others deem as totally normal. The internet is a hive of fake picture purporting historical events that never truly happened. However, today we take a look at ten historical photos that might not scare you at first, but the stories behind them will stay with you for a long time. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words; some are worth a thousand screams, and others… we simply lack words.

Flying Woman

Image source: Pinterest.com

In 1975, Stanley Forman was tasked with covering a fire incident that was ravaging through a Boston apartment building. On reaching the scene, Forman started documenting an attempted rescue that turned tragic when the fire escape collapsed. Instinctively, Forman continued shooting as the woman plummeted to her death. The pictures of the duo swimming through the air might have won Forman the Pulitzer Prize, but it raised questions on when a photographer should stop shooting. The image, however, pushed states to enforce strict laws concerning fire-escape protocols. 

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