These Politicians Are The Biggest Cheaters To Ever Be Caught


It is comforting to think that the people who are running for office are some of the honest people with integrity. Unfortunately for these politicians, their honor was discarded when cheating scandals took over their worlds.  It’s no surprise that the personal lives of these politicians made headlines when alleged affairs and rumors were circling around their relationships and marriages. Here are some of the most popular cheating scandals surrounding some of the most well-known names in politics over the years.

President John F. Kennedy

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The most scandalous affair to ever emerge from the White House has to do with John F. Kennedy and his marriage of 10 years to his wife and first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy.  The affair scandal started in the 1960s. Kennedy allegedly had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. The scandal didn’t stop there. In 1975, more rumors of an affair dominated the headlines, this time with Judith Campbell Exner. She spoke out about the affair during her testimony at a Senate committee.

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