These Rare Photos From the 40’s Show A Different World


Life in the 1940s has a clear contrast to life as we know it now. The 1940s were a period in time that represented transitional times and historical times. Culture rapidly increased, and new technology was integrated into society. The Great Depression came to an end, and it was a time of war in the nation. Luckily, there were cameras to capture some of the memories of the time that was the 40s. Here are some captured memories of the iconic era.

No Filter

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It’s difficult to remember a world without smartphones. Cameras are easily accessible nowadays, and taking a photo is as easy as can be by just one click of a button on your smartphone. The image below shows how photographs were taken back in the day. Capturing moments required a lot of effort. Not everybody had access to a camera, nor did everyone know how to work them. Photographs were mostly available in black and white. In today’s world of filters and photo editing apps, photographs have endless possibilities of color.

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