10 Stars Who Failed To Shine After A Grand Debut


Ambitious, focused, and talented, that’s how most celebrities— including child stars, make an entry into the entertainment world. Some of them have launched successful careers that eventually earned them millions, while others simply struggled after their big debut. In the case of child and teen stars, the infamous Hollywood curse has stood the test of time, pulling youngsters into the world of drugs and alcohol abuse. The ones that evade this trap have other things to blame, such as being typecast, bad attitudes, and unhealthy spending habits. 

10. Tara Reid

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Tara Redi is fondly remembered for her role as Vicky in the American Pie franchise. She made her on-screen debut in a 1982 game show, Child’s Play, in which the producers predicted a bright future for the then 11-year-old Tara. In between appearing on the American Pie, Tara was hit with controversy and a couple of bad choices that never seemed to help push her career. In 2004, during P-Diddy’s birthday, her loose-fitting gown’s left strap slipped, exposing her left breast. It seems she never recovered from that incident since she struggled winning major roles after that. 

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