Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions That Made It Into Films


Hollywood movies are an escape from reality. Watching a movie takes you away from your own world, even if it’s just for a little while. All the details of movies are important to help create a different world on the screen. In medieval films, costumes play an especially important role. While films are often aware of every detail regarding wardrobe on filming sets, there are a few times where Hollywood has let some costume mishaps slide.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Extras in movies play a big role in films, even though they are often in the background. The extras in scenes add to the atmosphere of the movie. They usually fit into the film without drawing too much attention to themselves. It seems this extra forgot to dress the part of the 1930s Indiana Jones’ setting. The extra can be seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing can break the mood of the film like the wrong costume. The jeans looked nice, just not for 1936.

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