15 Everyday Items With A Secret Hidden Purpose


Have you ever thought how a seemingly simple everyday item leaves you nonplussed with their tiny details? What do these different details mean? Are they just there for design or do they have other uses that we simply do not know? It is safe to say that back in the old days, most people lived frugal and practical lives, and so things where invented and designed with multiple uses as much as possible, to make for easier living. Nowadays, these everyday items leave people shocked with their seemingly secret hidden purposes. Here are 15 everyday items that would leave you surprised with their additional hidden purpose:

15. Your Jeans’ Fifth Pocket

Image Source: www.buzzworthy.com

Most would think that the jean’s fifth pocket is purely there for decorative purpose, but some people use it for storing very small items, such as a pair of tweezers, coins, or folded up money. But these everyday denim wonders are far from the fashion statement when they were first invented. Back in the 1800s, jeans were the go-to pair of pants by Californian gold miners, and they used the fifth pocket of their jeans to safely store their very expensive and delicate pocket watches when they are out working in the mines.

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