15 Scariest Bridges In The World


Having gephyrophobia, or fear of bridges, is a condition shared only by a small population of humanity, but our list of 15 of the most scariest bridges in the world will certainly induce fear into you even if you don’t have this condition! While some probably don’t look as scary in the photos, these bridges’ histories or tragic backgrounds will definitely send shivers down your spine! Do you have the courage and adventurous spirit to try and brave these bridges? Have a look to see if you’re fearless and plucky enough to try!

15. The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, USA

Image source: lifetonik.com

One of the scariest bridges known to man, the Royal Gorge Bridge located in Colorado boasts a 955 feet height level and is the United States’ highest suspension bridge to date.

It is located within the 360 acre Royal George Bridge & Park, and is a tourist attraction all by itself! Cable cars are available for the brave souls who will dare to cross the bridge, with gorgeous panoramic views all around and the Arkansas River below at such a great height. Built in 1929, it was not until the 1950s that stabilizing wind cables were added to the bridge, so imagine how frightening it must have been to cross the bridge back then!

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