15 Nastiest Celebrity Divorces


Falling in love is easy in Hollywood. When everyone looks like a supermodel with a bank account to match, it’s easy for costars and millionaire moguls to find love. It’s a lot harder to break it off, especially without strings attached. Divorces can be messy affairs for everyday people. Even with a prenuptial agreement, partners may seek mitigation. But when second homes, multiple businesses, and hundreds of millions in assets need to be split between exes, it gets a whole lot nastier. These are 15 of the nastiest public celebrity divorces.

15. Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos

Image Source: marketwatch.com

When the richest individual in the world files for divorce, the situation is about to get messy. Back in 2019, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced their divorce after a whopping 25 years of marriage and four children. The National Enquirer reported Jeff Bezos was “whisking his mistress off to exotic destinations on his $65 million private jet” after the couple announced their separation initially. While Jeff Bezos rebuked the allegations, many question why the seemingly happy couple would call it quits suddenly. Jeff Bezos ultimately settled with MacKenzie, relinquishing 25% of the couple’s Amazon stock, worth an estimated $38 billion.

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