Actors Who Have Disappeared From Our Screens


Over the years, we’ve seen many actors come and go. It’s no secret that staying on top in Hollywood is a difficult task. The industry is competitive, and one wrong move could sabotage your entire acting career.  There are many Hollywood stars we haven’t seen on the screen in years. Some stars have explained why they took a step back from acting and being in the public eye. Other actors might just be waiting for the perfect role. Here are some actors who have disappeared from our screens.

Tobey Maguire

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The beginning of his acting career started in 1992. The actor’s career-defining role came in 2002. Maguire played the iconic character of Peter Parker in the Spiderman movie franchise. While working on the third installment of the film, there were rumors of Toby’s difficult behavior onset. The franchise rebooted but did not cast Toby as the lead role. Since then, the actor has starred in films such as Brothers and The Great Gatsby. Although these roles brought him success, they failed to get him back as an A-list actor in Hollywood.

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