Former Teen Idols: What They Look Like Today


Growing up in front of everybody, sure comes with its fair share of challenges. People don’t realize that you’re just a kid and judge you the same way they’d judge the other grown-up celebrities. Besides working extremely long hours and struggling to keep an appearance, teen stars are practically robbed of their childhood. However, even after going through all that, not all of them succeed. The few that do have gone on to launch successful adult careers while others have shied away from the spotlight, preferring to lead private lives.

Justin Timberlake

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In the early ’90s, Justin Timberlake made a name for himself when he starred in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse alongside Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. At 14, he made a bold move by leaving Disney and forming NSYNC, a boy-band with former castmates that would become a household name in the music industry. Justin, however, led to the band’s eventual death when he went solo in 2001. With more than ten Grammys and for Emmy awards, Justin’s move to branch solo evidently worked out for the best. 

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