Meghan And Kate Before They Were Royal


After becoming Duchesses, Meghan and Kate’s lives were dramatically changed. On April 29th, 2011, Kate married Prince William and became a member of the royal family. Meghan married Prince Harry seven years later in May 2019. The title of being royal came with many expectations and standards for the new duchesses. As many can imagine, this massive lifestyle change did require Meghan and Kate to make some adjustments to fit their new life. So what were their lives like before being royal? Well, let’s take a look.

Meghan Pursued An Acting Career

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Before Meghan got her big break on the television show Suits, she had a number of jobs. One of them even being a briefcase model on a show called Deal or No Deal. In July 2011, Meghan joined the cast of Suits. She was a part of the show for seven seasons and departed at the end of 2017. When she became a royal, Meghan packed up her acting career to focus on her work as a member of the royal family.

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