Amazing Photos That Show The True Size Of Things


People often say the bigger, the better. But, unknown to many, the word big is often vague. People usually have this mental picture of how big some things are but are amazed just how big they really are when placed next to everyday items. Moreover, the most exciting sections of the Guinness Book of Records are usually related to scale. A good example is just how enormous the saltwater crocodile is when compared to an averaged sized human. Here are some amazing photos that show the truly size of these massive things.

The Flying Foxes

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Imagine yourself taking a stroll in the woods and stumbling upon a fox with wings, hanging upside down. What would be your first reaction? The flying foxes, also known as the fruit bat or the megabat, can grow up to 16 inches in length with a wingspan of more than seven feet. These bats are mostly found around the tropics in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Fortunately, these scary creatures feed on fruits and insects. Another interesting fact is that the fruit bat sorely depends on excellent eyesight to find food instead of echolocation like other bats. 

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