Surprisingly Dangerous Species Still Living Today


The law of the jungle dictates that only the strong survive. This means that the predator and prey relationship might not always favor the predator. While some animals might not carry the muscle to outdo the strong predators, they compensate by packing deadly venoms that can kill within seconds. The good news is that some of these animals only attack humans when provoked. However, animals like Polar Bears, Crocodiles, and Great White Sharks will attack anything with meat. 

The Green Anaconda

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The Amazon forest is home to some of the deadliest creatures, and the green anaconda is one of them. Growing to a length of up to 6 meters and weighing over 1100 pounds, this giant reptile can easily kill you and swallow you whole. Not to worry, though; the green anaconda is the shy type and will not attack humans unless provoked. Moreover, the green anaconda is non-poisonous and prefers Amazon swamps, shallow rivers, and marshes. It patiently awaits prey before attacking with lightning speeds such that the prey rarely has time to react.

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