These Human Errors Ended Up Costing A Fortune


No matter how much time and energy people invest in fool-proof plans, sometimes things are destined to go wrong. After all, mistakes are part of human life. However, some mistakes are unforgivable due to their magnitude and financial implications. Fortunately, some of our list’s mistakes affected one particular person, and thus the consequences were not as detrimental. So, the next time you’re assigned to oversee a particular project, make sure you do a proper job; otherwise, you’ll find yourself appearing on lists such as this one.  

Fat Trains

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France’s Metro and railway services are well connected and heavily used throughout the country. With the increased demand for the service, the French transport department tasked the train operator SNCF to develop 2,000 new trains in 2014. The project cost an estimated $20.5 billion but ended up costing $70 million more after the railway operator used outdated station measurements. The new trains could not fit into most stations, and thus the railway provider had to remodel all French stations to accommodate the ‘fat’ trains. 

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