Amusing Airport Photos That Will Surely Make You Laugh


The airport might be one of the busiest places on earth, but we’ll all spend countless hours in the waiting bay due to some unprecedented reason at some point in our lives. For some of us, it might be due to bad weather or paranoia of missing a flight, while others are forced to bear sudden flight schedule changes. All in all, airports pack all sorts of people; thus, your waiting time can be time spent looking out for bizarre scenes. 

Personalized Luggage

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Missing a flight is the one thing most air travelers dread, and losing luggage comes in a close second. The guy in the picture came up with a brilliant luggage protection idea. His suitcase features a personalized image of himself. We’re not sure if the guy had lost his luggage in the past, but we’re sure he won’t be losing it anytime soon since it would be insane to claim luggage with someone else’s picture on it.  

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