You Won’t Believe How Tall These Female Stars Are


Gender struggles within the entertainment sphere are something that has been fought hard to rectify. Hollywood is filled with successful female stars. While some achieved their success through acting, others carved a name for themselves in the modeling industry and the music world. From watching them on the screen or red carpets, you may have never noticed how tall these female stars actually are. Their careers aren’t the only things that are standing tall. Here are some famous women that don’t need the high heels on the red carpet.

Julia Roberts – 5’9″(175cm)

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The tall-standing American actress and producer made her debut in 1987 in Firehouse. However, her breakthrough was in the following year in Mystic Pizza. She became Hollywood’s sweetheart after starring alongside Richard Gere in the highly popular romantic comedy Pretty Woman in 1990. This Hollywood star has won three Golden Globe Awards from eight nominations. The iconic actress has been nominated for four Academy Awards for her acting. Arguably her best work, Roberts won an Academy Award for Best Actress in Erin Brockovich in 2000.

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