These Celebs Were Canceled For Their Political Beliefs


Besides the pressures of staying in the limelight and dealing with the paparazzi, celebrities also have cancelation to worry about. The otherwise unnecessary scrutiny means that a celebrity’s comments or actions can sometimes irk a few people regardless of the intention. If these people unite, especially on social media, then the said star’s career is practically over. The past decade or so has witnessed an increased number of cancelations, with numerous public figures losing relevance, followers, and even contracts. 

Ellen DeGeneres

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Ellen DeGeneres was, by far, the biggest cancelation of 2020. The happy, ever-dancing daytime show host painted a picture of the ideal boss for 18 seasons until news of her toxicity broke out. According to a bodyguard who worked with the TV personality, Ellen is the coldest celebrity he’s ever met. His revelation sparked a chain of testimonies in which former and current workers of the show revealed that Ellen is entirely different when the cameras aren’t rolling. 

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