Rare Historical Moments Colorized For The First Time


It is crazy to think there was a world where color photos did not exist. Black and white photographs have become an aesthetic on social media sites such as Instagram. Filters have changed the way we view photographs. Each shade and color brings out a different side to the photo and makes you view it in a different way. Photographs taken from history that have been only black and white have now been colorized. These newly colored photos from back in the day are a must-see. 

World War II Background Escape

Image Source: Pinterest.com

In 1946, World War II had just come to an end. The photographer decided to use a different backdrop. He replaced the ruins left behind after World War II with a more serene background for the image. It seems the people of Poland wanted to think of a time that was not filled with war and destruction. Photographs can create a different reality to what is going on around you. This image shows just how badly the people wanted to escape their reality.

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