The Mysterious Life of Melania Trump


Melania Trump’s journey from Slovenia to the White House is almost as intriguing as Donald Trump’s ascent to Presidency. The former model has spent practically all her life in front of a camera lens, yet she somehow manages to keep her personal life private. And that’s what sets her apart from all the other American First Ladies. Melania is an introvert who often spent days away from the public eye during her husband’s tenure. Her secretive life gave birth to numerous rumors, conspiracy theories, and scandals, but are they all true?

Melania Has A Body Double

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Of all the conspiracy theories that have ever been linked to the former First Lady, this has got to be the craziest of them all. During the first year of Donald Trump’s tenure as president, conspiracy theorists came up with a narrative that Melania had a body double. Their argument was based on Melania’s six-month stay in New York after her husband’s swearing-in ceremony and the secret service agent that completely resembles the former First Lady. 

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