Celebrity Twins You Never Knew About


Every year, thousands of twins attend the annual Twins Festival held on August’s first weekend in Twinsburg. The small town located southeast of Cleveland was named by identical Ohio twins more than two centuries ago. The event, which often draws worldwide attention, also attracts Hollywood’s rich collection of twins. They might look like two peas in a pod, but most twins rarely share similar interests. Other than the famous Olsen twins, today we’ll highlight the other set of Hollywood twins you might not know of.

Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

Image source: Pinterest.com

Born Mark Sinclair Vincent, Vin Diesel rose to worldwide fame after starring in XXX and the Fast and Furious franchise. Even with all the fame he’s enjoyed over the years, little is known about the star’s private life. Vin first posted pictures of his fraternal twin in 2013 after his best friend and co-star, Paul Walker, died in a car accident. Although Vincent is also in Hollywood, he’s often found behind the cameras as a movie editor. 

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