Awkward Moments Captured While On Vacation


Vacation time makes for excellent family bonding time and memory-filled experiences. After all, it always pays to get away from the rush of everyday life to recharge your batteries once in a while. As always, a camera always comes in handy because how else will you prove your adventure stories actually happened? Yet, for some weird reason, some vacation photos never truly capture the holiday spirit. Whether due to odd photobombers, poor positioning, or plain old human error, these ten photos perfectly sum awkward vacation moments.

Flipper Fear

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When vacationing with the kids, the experience is never quite the same as vacationing with purely adults. You don’t get to spend the whole day at the beach or stay out late. Instead, your trips will be filled with excursions to Disneyland, zoos, or marine parks like this family. Even though most cartoons and kid’s movies portray dolphins as gentle creatures, this kid looks petrified at the sight of dolphin. If this kid enjoyed dolphin bedtime stories, her parents would have to look for other bedtime stories. 

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