Hilariously Weird Mansions Are Unsellable


Artists come in all different shapes and sizes. Some actors and musicians make millions from their respective talents, and some painters receive worldwide recognition for their brilliant craftsmanship. Yet, this other group of artists sometimes make millions from their art by creating modern structures that make an artistic statement. Architects are a creative lot who often overlook the norm to come up with some weird-looking buildings. However, to some people, the designers on our list admittedly went a little overboard.  

Airbus A380

Image source: Pinterest.com

Miziara is a tiny Lebanese town famous for its surreal architectural developments and endless olive tree fields. The area, which can be only compared to California, is full of historically inspired homes such as Greek and Egyptian ruins. In 2015, a Lebanese-born Australian couple came up with the airplane home inspired by the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. The house boasts of two floors and is equipped with more than 30 portholes on each plane’s side. 

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