Take A Peek Inside This $1.7 Million Motorhome


It’s no secret: travelling is fun. But what if you could travel the world and take your apartment with you? If you’ve ever had to use the toilets at a gas station or freeze to death because your RV doesn’t have a heating system, then you’d understand the need for luxurious travelling. The good news is that the most luxurious motorhomes on market will fix both those issues, but it comes with a price tag. At $1.7 million, the Volkner Mobil Performance S luxury motorhome is a prestigious yacht on wheels. 

Beds – Number and Type

Image source: Pinterest.com

When it comes to travelling, the number one concern for most people is where to sleep. Some people have no problem pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere, but that just doesn’t cut it in luxury travelling. The Performance S can accommodate up to seven people. The king-size bed at the end of the coach can comfortably take in four people while the three bunk beds surrounding the bathroom can take an additional three.  

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