Bizarre Rules The Secret Society Of Freemasons Must Follow


Ever since freemasonry came into being, people have been obsessed with wanting to learn their dark secrets and bizarre traditions. Unfortunately, the society is built on secrecy such that even the most curious people rarely come up with anything substantial. Since little is known about this freemasonry, most online resources and pieces about freemasons are usually full of fabricated lies. Furthermore, some rituals and secrets are not as creepy as the media would like you to believe. Yet, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t weird or exciting.

You Must Believe in God

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This one got you by surprise, didn’t it? The standard narrative about freemasonry is that it’s a satanic cult whose members don’t believe in God. However, to be a member, you must believe in a Supreme Being. If you happen to be an all-in atheist, you need to renounce your atheism to become a member or convince them that you believe in a Supreme Being. The rule is centered around obligations to the society, and freemasons believe that responsibilities never hold non-believers.

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