Amusing Pics Of Envious People Caught On Camera


Other than happiness and sadness, jealousy and envy are the two most common human emotions that we’re all bound to experience at some point in time. They’re not emotions we’d gladly express in public, but we’re all human, and sometimes our facial expressions betray the feelings behind those fake smiles. Now, being jealous is one thing but being caught on camera is totally another. In some pictures on our list, you don’t even have to know the backstory of the events, the facial expressions tell it all. 

Not Again!

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Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably one of Hollywood’s finest talents. He’s been involved in hit after hit and made a ton of money in the process. Surprisingly, the acclaimed actor had never won an Oscar until he eventually did in 2016. In his first few nominations, the actor took losing rather gentlemanly, but things blew up in 2014 when the award for best actor went to Matthew McConaughey. The Wolf of Wall Street had enjoyed worldwide success, and the visibly agitated actor could not hide his displeasure when the winner was announced. 

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