The Wildest Things You’ll Only See In Texas


While everything might be bigger in Texas, the lone star state boasts several weird things found nowhere else in the country. And by weird, we’re not talking about the Texan accent, the cowboy boots, and the classy Stetson hats, nope. We’re talking about a unique German dialect found no other place globally, the 12-story highway, and a town that got renamed in exchange for free cable. With that, let’s look at the above-mentioned Texan things and more weird stuff from the south. 

The Superconducting Super Collider

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In the early 1990s, the State of Texas, in conjunction with the department of energy, kicked off a project dubbed the future of science. After completion, the project was set to become the world’s most energetic particle accelerator and would boast a circumference of 54.1 miles. However, after years of uncertainty and $2 billion spent on drilling the first 14 miles, the project was canceled, citing budget constraints. The project might be abandoned, but tourists can still visit the site to explore the gigantic tunnels. 

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