Celebrities That Have Unlikely Friendships


Since we’re so used to seeing our favorite celebrities all the time on social media, gossip pages, and magazines, we think we know everything there is to know about them. But you can still be pretty surprised to find out who is handing out with whom.

We all love to see the Shakespearean exploits of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen or have heard the friendship tales of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck a thousand times. But there are some pairs of friendships that seem outright bizarre. Most of the time, you have no idea that these two people are actually hanging out, let alone know each other.

These friendships inspire us and make us scratch our heads in wonderment, “What can these two people possibly have in common?” Let us find out about some of these unlikely but solid friendships between our favorite celebrities.

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox

Source: Pinterest.com

Everyone knows about the friendship between Courteney Cox and Jenifer Aniston from the days of Friends.  But Aniston is not the only celebrity Cox is buddy-buddy with. The famous British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is also a close friend of the on-screen Monica Geller. Sheeran has also been a house guest of Cox while he was working on his music. Did she ask him to pay rent? We don’t think so.

Sheeran is also a mutual friend of Cox and her husband Johnny McDaid. Supposedly, it was Sheeran who introduced these two. Who knew that this talented singer could be a matchmaker as well?

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