The Most Expensive Private Jets and Aircrafts


A lot of celebrities and famous people prefer to travel in private jets. You can get a decent idea about these celebrities’ lifestyle by just getting a glimpse inside their jets. These celebrities, along with other wealthy people of the society won’t be seen at the airport too often, waiting in line.

Some of these celebrities, (actors, athletes, business tycoons, etc.) possess luxury jets of their own. Private jets are extremely costly. It is much more costly to hire a pilot and then it keeps getting more and more when you take the fuel into account. Not to mention, a lot of these jet owners make custom modifications on the inside to personalize the jet and make it feel more comfortable. Yet it’s worth the price for these people. Let’s find out about some of the richest celebrities in the world that own the most expensive private jets and aircraft.

Mark Cuban- Boeing 767-277 ($144 million)


Mark Cuban is not just a businessman, he’s also an engineer and an entrepreneur. He has not one, but three private jets that include a Boeing 757, a Gulfstream V, and a Boeing 767. Cuban is a known face for hosting Shark Tank. He purchased the Gulfstream back in 1999 when it was one of the biggest online purchases in history.

His Boeing 757 is very spacious. This aircraft is worth around $144 million after all the modifications Cuban made. He uses this luxurious aircraft for not just personal ventures, but for traveling his very own sports team as well- the Dallas Mavericks.

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