Disgusting Hygiene Practices From The Wild West


The nineteenth century is a famous time in American history, also known as the Old West, the American Frontier, and the Wild West. Life in the Wild West is often depicted in movies with the usual cowboys and Indians. Bu the Wild West was not known just for its moonshine. A lot has changed since the 1890s. The lifestyle of people in the Wild West is not for the fainthearted. The cowboys did not smell as good as they looked. Here are a few hygiene practices that will make you appreciate the times we are living in.

The Spitting Society

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Spitting was a common habit among the men of the Wild West. They would chew on tobacco until the saliva in their mouth became too much. The massive build-up would cause them to spit the tobacco out, wherever they were, even if they were in the saloon. Spit piles would be all over the saloon floors. Bars had spittoons for the men to spit in. The spittoons were filled with sawdust to dry out the saliva. The sawdust caused respiratory problems.

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