Incredibly Embarrassing Red Carpet Fails That Will Make You Cringe


Even though celebrities are sometimes treated as gods, they are also prone to ordinary people’s issues. Some of the problems often occur in the most unexpected of places, such as red carpet events. The red carpet is a place associated with grace and glamour, but some celebrities still manage to fumble, creating awkward moments that make headlines the following morning. No matter how embarrassing these fails may seem, most stars on today’s list saw the funny side of the unfortunate events. 

Katherine Heigl’s Dress

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In 2010, Katherine Heigl attended the Las Vegas ShoWest Convention, where she received the award for Female Star of the year. Midway through her speech, her gorgeous red dress’s left strap came loose, nearly revealing her breasts. Fortunately, Katherine reacted just in time to hold the strap in place and continue with her speech. Katherine is known for her excellent sense of humor and was applauded for how she dealt with the whole incident. 

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