Drop Dead Fabulous Cher Looks


During the times, where suppression of women was common in every sense, enter Cher, the Queen of breaking stereotypes. The Goddess of Pop, the original diva who was known as the fearless queen, was not scared to try trends at a time they were considered a taboo. Throughout her six decade long career, Cher has had some memorable iconic looks that went down in the history of memorable fashion moments.

Here are some iconic looks of Cher throughout the years

10. Fringes and bell bottoms 1965

Image Source: Pinterest.com

In the early stages of her career in 1965, Cher’s iconic retro fringes and stylish bell bottom jeans was a trend setter. And let’s not forget those velvet shoes. With her then husband Sonny Bonny having a similar fringe like Chers, the two were an iconic pair of retro grooviness. Her makeup consisted of black smokey eyes, nude lips, and natural looking skin. Now that’s what you call a trend setter.

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