Mind Boggling Photos That Aren’t Photoshopped


With the advancement of technology, photoshop gurus are having the time of their lives, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate fake from real images. With that in mind, some of the photos we’ll highlight today might seem fake or photoshopped. But the truth is, they’re not; it’s just a matter of being at the right place, at the right time, and getting that near-perfect angle. Be it through a photographer’s expert skills or just nature doing its thing, these 10 photos will surely blow your mind. 

10. The Floating Pole

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Well, the electricians that installed these wires must be really good at what they do since this pole is only supported by the tightness of the wires. The scorched background clarifies that the pole was probably burnt during a wildfire. However, the thing that still baffles people is why the other poles weren’t burnt down because it seems the fire was pretty intense to be able to consume an entire pole. Although we’re pretty pleased that someone got the chance of snapping this incredible photo, we sure hope the pole got replaced. 

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