Funniest Photobombs Of All Time


Photographs are a great way to capture moments that are special to us. We take photos with friends, family, and even animals. We all have those photos that end up being ruined because someone did something ridiculous in the photo. Photobombing is quite a common thing when taking a photo. Someone or something swoops in behind to steal the attention of the photo. These photos turned out to be some of the funniest photos ever captured. Here are some photobombs that will make you laugh.

Third-wheeling Stranger

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Having a creepy strange male photobomb a picture of you and your husband is a little bit disturbing, to say the least. This guy looks like he is a serial killer or a weird stalker. I mean, which normal man does that, he may have thought that it was funny, but it’s simply spine chilling. I sure hope that he did not follow them home. On the other hand, he also kind of looks a little like Michael Jackson. Maybe he is a Michael Jackson impersonator.

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