You Won’t Recognize These Stars Without Makeup


When female stars grace red carpet events, they attend as guests and as brands. A woman’s face is arguably her biggest selling point, which means not many women would dare appear on camera without makeup. However, the internet has in the past been buzzing with female stars posting their no-makeup pictures and videos. For the most part, the transformation is often radical that even some of their diehard fans struggle to recognize the star in question.


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Kesha is the ultimate red-carpet star when donning heavy makeup, and her electric glitter eye foundation makes for interesting performance photos. However, without makeup, the talented singer looks like an adorable young woman with beautiful freckled skin. Kesha has often complained about how tiring it is to maintain celebrity appearances and that, at times, her freckles crave to be set free. Of all the people on our list, Kesha takes the crown as the woman with the most noticeable transformation without makeup. 

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