See How These Common Objects Look on The Inside


Are you one of those kids who were extremely curious and would just cut their new toys in half just to see what’s inside? If yes, then this list would definitely bring back some memories.  You may have wondered after seeing a completely random object, “What if I cut it in half? What could be inside?” You may not have to sharpen your own knife to find out, since a lot of people have already done it.

Here is a list of some of the common objects many curious people took the liberty of literally digging inside to find out what they are hiding. Take a look!

Bowling Ball


Don’t mistake this as a leftover from any of the sci-fi films from the ’80s. It’s a bowling ball that has been broken open to expose its glossy innards. And while it is impossible that you have had the chance to pick up a sledgehammer and smash it into a bowling ball, you might be shocked by what is inside.

Although they can look or feel like a solid piece of marble or plastic, the interior of bowling balls is designed deliberately in an effort to make you score higher. In the heart of the bowling ball, there is actually a mechanism that is engineered to maximize momentum when tossed down the lane.

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