Iconic Roles That Left Actors Traumatized


When actors take on a role in a movie, they try their best to portray the character as accurately as possible to the director’s vision for the role. The actor has to commit physically, emotionally, and mentally to their character. Acting techniques such as method acting allows the actors to get deeply involved and attached to their character. It’s no surprise that this takes a toll on actors. After playing dark and disturbed characters, actors have found it hard to get back to their true selves.

10. Heath Ledger In The Dark Knight

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The iconic role of the Joker was played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Heath portrayed the role of the villain in a captivating performance in 2008. The actor received praise from critics, but it came at a cost. Heath pushed himself to the edge in preparing for the role. He went into self-isolation for over a month and exerted himself physically and mentally. The actor was exhausted, and his insomnia got worse. The 28-year-old-actor was on prescribed sleeping medication and accidentally overdosed. He passed away before the movie was released.

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