Tour George Clooney’s 10 Million Dollar Home


George Clooney and his wife, Amal, are known for being notoriously private about their lives. The pair purchased a home together in 2014, shortly after their wedding in Venice, Italy. The couple spent $10 Million on the exquisite property in London. Shortly after moving into the English manor, the couple added their personal touch to the residence, upgrading the facility and adding in entertainment areas such as their own cinema. We have the full tour of the Clooney’s magical home.

Magical Location

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The couple’s English home is located on the River Thames. The property is on the island of Sonning Eye. The Berkshire estate is perfect for privacy. It is somewhat secluded but still convenient enough for city life. The amazing four acres of land is not without its challenges. The property has suffered some damage due to floods. The Thames River has overflown in the past due to heavy rain in the area. The floods occurred in 2016 and February 2020.

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