Secret White House Rules You Must Obey


The United States president is the most influential person in the country, if not in the world. They get to make decisions for millions of people, enjoy high-end security details, and get to do practically anything. Sounds cool, right? Even as the leader of the ‘free world,’ the president and the first family also have strict rules that must be followed. Yes, just like you and me, POTUS also follows the rules, and the constitution and the secret service are there to make sure he/she does. 

Go To The Movies

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Every time your favorite movie drops, we bet the first thing that hits your mind is heading to the movie theater. Sometimes, a night to the movies is all one needs to forget the stresses of everyday life. Yet, the head of state can’t do that. If their favorite movie drops, the best they can do is watch it at home. To address this issue, it’s rumored that most presidents have a built-in home theater. It might not bring the full experience, but it at least gets the job done.

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